By My Own

Forever, life passes before my eyes
but only one moment has gone by.

Only a blink in the eye and the head
of the everlasting timeless dead.

A whirl of smoke and dreams obscure
my inconsequential search for the cure.

Fevers cross my imagination
bringing with them subtle invitation

to join the cured and blissfully damned
within the palm of the Devil's hand.

Crashing waters pull me from the fettering grasp.
A cool hand reaches in from the past.

Fervently I call to him,
a Savior sung of in the hymns.

His image releases me, I am once again

Thrown to the pointed tongues
a love lost now is cursing me among.

Blood pours from my soul as the double-edged sword
does for what is was designed.

My creations lay in my hands,
treasures once deeply protected from their kind.

Dismembered bone for bone
by my own.

Printed in the 2000 compilation, A Fleeting Shadow